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Since 2010 I have helped thousands of individuals find the right Medicare insurance plan for their needs.  

Allow me to help you make this important choice. 



Medicare Advisor


What is the benefit of having a Medicare advisor/broker?



As a Medicare advisor, I help individuals primarily in 3 ways.

How can I help you?

After I help an applicant enroll into a plan, I advocate for them with the insurance company. If there are any problems or issues along the way, I am there to back them up. And as plans change each year, I will do an annual review to make sure it is still a good fit. I want to be your agent for life.


Second, I help them choose between the myriad of insurance choices they have in their area. Based on the network, prescriptions and costs, I help those coming on to Medicare, or those who have been on Medicare for quite some time, to make the best choice for their needs. 


First, I educate someone coming onto Medicare regarding their 3 main choices:

1.Keeping original Medicare and adding a supplement (Medigap) and a drug plan.

2.Using a Medicare Advantage plan (Part C) to manage the benefits Medicare would have given them.

3. Staying off Medicare and keeping work coverage (in certain circumstances).

What is the benefit of having a Medicare Health broker/advisor? There are many Medicare advantage plans in the Treasure Valley, even more part D drug plans and Medicare supplements in Idaho.  In a fraction of the time it would take a new Medicare participant to sift through all the literature from Medicare and the insurance companies, I can narrow down the plan that is right for you based upon the network, prescriptions you take and tolerance for premium and copays. And all this is at no cost to you since I am compensated by the insurance companies. 

Serving Idaho, Utah, Arizona

Washington and Oregon